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What Is A “Modular Log Cabin” and What Are Its Benefits?

The more people we talk to, the more we realize there is a lot of confusion over what exactly a “modular” home is. So here it is, in plain English!

The Modular Building Method

“Modular” is a construction method that involves building sections (or modules) away from the building site. These modules are then delivered to the home or business owners property, unloaded, craned into place, and pieced together by our team of skilled assemblers.

Modular homes have also been referred to as “prefabricated”, “manufactured”, or “factory built”. However, they’re not to be confused with “kit homes”. For “kit homes”, individual pieces are pre-cut to specific measurements and numbered according to building guides – similar to the assembly process used by a certain well-known Swedish home furniture company.

See A Blue Ridge Build In Process!

Watch a time lapse of a Blue Ridge Log Cabin being built in just one day!

Blue Ridge Log Cabins: The Only Solid Log Module Home Builder in North America

While there are many modular home companies out there, Blue Ridge Log Cabins is the only company in North America that builds solid log modular homes. Blue Ridge Log Cabins are built from top to bottom in our state-of-the-art factory in South Carolina.

A Blue Ridge Log Cabin being assembled in our facility
A Blue Ridge Log Cabin being assembled in our state-of-the-art facility in South Carolina.

Built Fast and Built Right – Including the Inside!

While it’s true that other companies offer kits you can buy, in most cases it’s the responsibility of the homeowner to arrange assembly. That’s not the case with Blue Ridge Log Cabins. Your carefully crafted Blue Ridge Log Cabin will arrive at your property with windows, doors, plumbing, electrical, kitchen and appliances already installed.

This provides the following benefits:

  1. Your home is not exposed to the elements during the building process. Nearly the entire house (between 90-100%) is built indoors at our climate controlled factory, away from Mother Nature.  
  2. By eliminating the need for several different contractors, you have NO unexpected costs, and NO scheduling headaches. Just pick your model and any modifications, and we will handle the rest. This also reduces build site traffic from different trades by approximately 80%!
  3. Quality control is extremely high. We have trained technicians watching over your home’s build every step of the way, and the quality of our work is a top priority at Blue Ridge Log Cabins. Each log is hand selected by  our team and kiln dried. You’ll also find little-to-no settling, since factory-produced components end up more energy efficient.
  4. Time is money, and we can save you both! Our modular building projects can be completed 30-50% faster than traditional construction methods, and are therefore generally more cost effective. Plus, imagine having your house arrive and having a roof over your head on the same day!
  5. The environmental benefits are a big bonus. Because modular construction facilities like Blue Ridge Log Cabins use assembly line manufacturing, our process uses less energy than traditional construction methods. We are also able to reduce waste by storing unused materials in our factory and reusing them on future projects. This helps to cut down on the 135 million tons of construction waste that ends up in landfills every year.

Experience the Beauty and Character of Natural Wood Homes.

Blue Ridge Log Cabins designs and constructs our modular homes with a level of sophistication that will exceed all expectations, rivaling our site-built (or “stick built”) counterparts. Our modular homes are built safely and efficiently, without unexpected delays or unforeseen problems (yay, no headaches!). They’re built in half the time, for substantially less money, with notable environmental benefits.

All that being said, it’s no wonder modular homes are quickly becoming an industry favourite!

Bring Your Dream Home to Life.

Interested in learning more about Canada’s best value in log cabins? Contact us today to book a free consultation!

-The Blue Ridge Log Cabins Team

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